Huxley bracelet
Huxley bracelet
Huxley bracelet
Huxley bracelet
Huxley bracelet
Huxley bracelet

Huxley bracelet

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Bracelet with lattice bar stamp. UNISEX.

Replica of a Viking bracelet belonging to the Huxley Treasury, belonging to the collection of the National Museum of Liverpool.

The Huxley hoard is a treasure of Viking jewelry dating from around 900-910 that was found buried near Huxley, Cheshire, England. It consists of 21 silver bracelets, a silver ingot, and 39 lead fragments, weighing around 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) in total. The bracelets could have been produced by Norse settlers in Dublin and possibly buried for safekeeping by Viking refugees who settled in Cheshire and Wirral in the early 900s.

Features of the original piece:

Broad-band arm-ring or bracelet with lattice bar stamp. Penannular, with punched ornament; complete. Bent in half and flattened, it tapers strongly from an expanded mid-portion to rounded terminals. The outer face is ornamented with a row of vertical (transverse) bar-stamping formed with a punch with a lattice-type design, with each recessed lozenge featuring a central pellet, to either side of a poorly executed and asymmetrical central diagonal cross comprising four impressions.

Width 13 mm (minimum) - 20 mm (maximum). Height 9 mm (min.) - 15 mm (max.). Thickness 2 mm

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