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Crotalia Earrings Crotalia Earrings 2

Crotalia Earrings

This type of earring was known as 'crotalia' (from the Greek word for rattle), because the pearl pendants produced a clinking noise when they were used. Earrings of this type were extremely popular among Roman ladies, numerous examples have been found in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Piece made in bronze and sterling silver plated in gold.
Saint Cibrao ring Saint Cibrao ring 2

Saint Cibrao ring

Reproduction of bronze ring appeared in the deposit of San Cibrao de Las, San Amaro, Galicia. Galaic goldsmith, dating from the first century B.C. The original piece is exhibited in the San CIbrao Museum. Piece made in bronze.
Vega Baja Cross Pendant Vega Baja Cross Pendant 2
Reproduction of a bronze cross with gold filigree, found in the site of the Vega Baja, Toledo. It is of Visigothic-Mozarabic origin with trefoil-shaped arms, whose interiors are decorated with patterns of palm trees and which, in turn, surround a central circle in which is a flower with five petals. Piece made in brass.
Acorns Torc Acorns Torc 2

Acorns Torc

Celtic torc adorned with acorn-shaped terminals. Torc is a rigid and round collar, which is open at the bottom. Typically the two points of the torques present ornaments sculpted with spheres, cubes or zoomorphic forms. Piece made of brass.
Pendientes Lúnula Pendientes Lúnula 2

Pendientes Lúnula

Earrings shaped like a crescent moon. In ancient Rome, the lunula (plural: lunulae) was a hanging amulet worn by girls and women until their wedding day. Its properties are related to fertility and healing, in addition to offering protection against the evil eye. Piece inspired by a Roman lunula from the 2nd century B.C.
Hoxne Juliane bracelet Hoxne Juliane bracelet 2
The Hoxne (pronounced 'Hoxon') hoard is the richest find of treasure from Roman Britain. Alongside the approximately 15,000 coins were many other precious objects, buried for safety at a time when Britain was passing out of Roman control. This finely worked pierced bracelet incorporates the phrase UTERE FELIX DOMINA IULIANE. The lettering, spacing and...
Hellenistic enameled earrings Hellenistic enameled earrings 2

Hellenistic enameled earrings

Jewel of the Hellenistic period. Centuries IV - III B.C. Disc with a cabochon garnet placed centrally within a convexity similar to a shield. A similar necklace can be found and described in the Catalog of Jewels, Greek, Ethnic and Roman, in the Department of Antiquities, British Museum. Made of bronze and ear hooks in gold plated sterling silver.
Amethyst bracelet Amethyst bracelet 2

Amethyst bracelet

Replica of a gold and amethyst bracelet found in the Roman Forum. Byzantine / Late Roman period. The original piece is displayed in the Balbi Crypt Museum, one of the four headquarters of the National Museum of Rome.

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Founded in 1998, Temátika is the evolution of a small family goldsmith workshop, of which Antonio Sánchez (father) and his wife Maricel, were the pillars that formed it.

At fifteen years old, Antonio (son) became part of the family business, learning the trade from his father's hand.

At the beginning of 98, for these things of destiny. The museum managers of the Zamora museum contact this workshop to propose a reproduction of the Arrabalde Treasury. They accepted, and such was the pleasure of doing it, that Antonio decided to give a twist to the workshop, to leave the traditional goldsmith and convert it to devote himself to archaeological reproductions, that was when he called his brothers Eva and Carlos, and founded what Today is Temátika Archaeological Reproductions.

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