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Celtic Torc filigree Celtic Torc filigree 2

Celtic Torc filigree

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Celtic torc adorned with filigree. Torc is a rigid and round collar, which is open at the bottom. Typically the two points of the torcs present ornaments sculpted with spheres, cubes or zoomorphic forms. Piece made of brass. UNISEX
Fayum earrings Fayum earrings 2

Fayum earrings

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Replica of Roman earrings. The original ones, made of gold, made up of square chatons set with green vitreous paste, the same color as the ring, at the bottom, a pearl hangs from each one. These elegant classic-style earrings are perfect for both recreation and everyday wear and special occasions. Reproduction made in bronze or sterling silver and enamel,...
Vestigia pedis amulet Vestigia pedis amulet 2
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The "Go and return", a lucky charm for roman travelers and legionaries. Inscription: TVVM ITER ROMANE INCIPE SED MEMENTO AD TVOS REDIRE. 'Roman, start your journey, but remember to go back to yours.' Piece made of bronze.
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Archaeological reproduction of a roman slave collar from the Museo Nazionalle alle Terme de Diocleziano, Rome. Inscription: FUGI TENE ME CVM REVOCV VERIS ME DM ZONINO ACCIPIS SOLIDVM  "I fled, stop me, when you return me to my owner Zonino, you will receive a solid (gold coin)." Made of bronce.
Lunula Pendant Lunula Pendant 2
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Amulet pendant in the shape of a crescent moon. In ancient Rome, the lunula (plural: lunulae) was a pendant amulet carried by girls and women until the day of their wedding. Its properties are related to fertility and healing, as well as offering protection against the evil eye. Piece inspired by a Roman lunula from the Fayum mummy portraits, 1st century BC
Crotalia Earrings III Crotalia Earrings III 2
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The crotalia earrings are possibly one of the most famous jewels of the Al Fayum portraits, this type of earrings were known as 'crotalia' (from the Greek word for rattle), because the pearl pendants produced a tinkling noise when they were worn . These elegant jewels were extremely popular with Roman ladies, numerous examples have been found in Pompeii...
Chrismon Chi Rho ring Chrismon Chi Rho ring 2
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Chrismon Chi Rho ring

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Chrism symbol. Anagram formed by the first two letters of the name of Christ in Greek, Chi (X) and Rho (P). It is a symbol of Christ and an emblem of victory, both military and spiritual. The original piece consists of the chaton of a ring from the late Roman period dating from the 4th century AD. and belongs to the collection of The Brithis Museum of...
Iberian sword Falcata pendant Iberian sword Falcata pendant 2

Iberian sword Falcata pendant

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Falcata is a type of white weapon, a curved-edged sword, native to pre-Roman Iberia. Its use is historically associated with native Iberian and Celtiberian populations during the Roman conquest of Hispania, being one of the most emblematic weapons of the Iberian Peninsula for several centuries. Piece made of bronze.

The importance of a replica

Having an authentic archaeological piece in our hands is something that could appeal to anyone, being the "owner" of an original. However, on some occasions they are the result of the illegal destruction of an Archaeological Site, and therefore, the loss of its archaeological context. We would also be taking away the others, the right to know that heritage ...

That is why at Temátika we are excited to offer in each piece a piece of history, each article contains a descriptive label with its name, description, context, original photo and material in which it has been reproduced. From Temátika we bet on quality, so our pieces are made of sterling silver, bronze and brass.

So owning a replica, that is a DIFFERENT STORY !!

We are artisan goldsmiths

We design and manufacture our replicas from start to finish in our workshop. We are artisans with a long tradition and years of experience. We invite you to see our work on our website www.tematika.es

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