Feel the History through its Jewels

Pompeii 1st century AD. Two women looking at a necklace in a jewelry merchant's shop.

Two thousand years later you have come to our store to take a look at our jewelry. Times change, forms change... History continues.

What we do

Dedicated to the reproduction of archaeological artifacts, Tematika is strongly linked to the promotion of Culture and Heritage. Through our replicas, we try to bring a little piece of history to the public that visits the Museums, Archaeological Parks and specialized stores.

Each person who acquires one of our jewels, will know a little more about their past, since the pieces that we reproduce not only have the consent of each Museum and Park, but also have a descriptive label attached to them with the history corresponding to each piece (Name, origin, date, material...).

Likewise, we have a close relationship with the world of historical reenactment, providing groups of reenactors with the jewelry and historical pieces they need for their performance, as well as customizations of pieces adapted to each group.

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How we do it

The so-called "lost wax casting" is an ancient technique of about 6000 years old used to obtain identical metal figures from a mold. To make this mold, the piece was first modeled with beeswax, which is later surrounded with clay.

When the assembly is placed in a furnace, the wax inside melts, leaving the space it occupied empty and the hardened clay can then be filled with the molten metal that you want to use to create the piece. When the metal solidifies, an exact replica of the original figure modeled in wax is obtained.

Currently, the properties of the materials used have been optimized (jewelry waxes, rubbers and silicones for molds, ceramic coatings...), but in essence, the same procedure of this ancient technique is still maintained.

About us

Tematika is the evolution of a small family goldsmith workshop, of which Antonio Sánchez (senior) and his wife Maricel were the pillars that formed it since 1955.

As soon as he finished his studies, Antonio (junior) became part of the family business, learning the trade from his father.

At the beginning of 98, for these things of destiny, the museum managers of the Zamora museum contacted this workshop to propose to make a reproduction of the Arrabalde Treasure. They accepted, and such was the pleasure when carrying it out, that Antonio decided to give the workshop a twist, leave aside the traditional goldwork and convert it into a workshop for the reproduction of archaeological pieces.

It was then that he called his brothers Eva and Carlos, and they founded what is now Tematika Archaeological Replicas.

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