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Thor's hammer pendant Thor's hammer pendant 2
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Thor's hammer pendant

Thor's hammer is undoubtedly one of the most representative pieces of Viking jewelry. This is a double ended hammer pendant with perforated subspherical terminal for suspension; the hammer is stamped on both sides with triangles containing six pellets; nine stamps on each side. The piece on which this replica is based is in the British Museum in London.
Valknut Triskel Ring Valknut Triskel Ring 2
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Valknut Triskel Ring

Replica of a viking ring. The original piece, made of gold with a very rare and unusual decoration, with triangular-sections to the outer side, decorated with ‘valknut’ and triskel symbols. 9th-10th Century AD Private collection. Check our guide to know your ring size here. THIS RING IS HAND MADE WITH THE CHOSEN CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS, SO THE ORDER WILL BE...
Peine de bronze Peine de bronze 2
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Peine de bronze

Roman era comb replica. The original piece made of bronze, is composed of seven separate prongs for easy styling, or to hold and decorate collected hairstyles. Decorated on both sides with two horse heads and a lunar disc in the center. Replica made of bronze.
Viking key Viking key 2
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Viking key

In the Viking Age keys were a symbol of power. When a woman got married, she was given the key(s) of the house by her husband. They symbolized her new status as a married woman. She proudly wore the bronze keys in full sight on her clothing. The original piece, made of bronze, belongs to the collection of the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. Replica...
Chrismon Chi Rho ring Chrismon Chi Rho ring 2
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Chrismon Chi Rho ring

Chrism symbol. Anagram formed by the first two letters of the name of Christ in Greek, Chi (X) and Rho (P). It is a symbol of Christ and an emblem of victory, both military and spiritual. The original piece consists of the chaton of a ring from the late Roman period dating from the 4th century AD. and belongs to the collection of The Brithis Museum of...

Eagle shape brooch Barros

AF-038 y AF-039
THIS ARTICLE WILL BE ENAMELED BY HAND, SO THE ORDER WILL BE SHIPPED 7 DAYS AFTER THE PURCHASE. Reproduction in yellow bronze of an eagle shape brooch, (original made of golden plated bronze), with circular central shield and Cloisonné decoration. This pieces form a pair of superb eagle-shaped fibula found at Tierra de Barros (Badajoz, southwest Spain)...
Griffin Ring Griffin Ring 2
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Other Cultures

Griffin Ring

The original piece was found in the necropolis of 'La Joya', Huelva (Spain), dated of 7th-6th centuries BC, In the Tartessian cultural context. It is a solid gold ring with a rectangular seal topped by two elements with a circular section. The chaton has a seated griffin (mythological animal) engraved with spread wings looking to the right. In the support...

The importance of a replica

Having an authentic archaeological piece in our hands is something that could appeal to anyone, being the "owner" of an original. However, on some occasions they are the result of the illegal destruction of an Archaeological Site, and therefore, the loss of its archaeological context. We would also be taking away the others, the right to know that heritage ...

That is why at Temátika we are excited to offer in each piece a piece of history, each article contains a descriptive label with its name, description, context, original photo and material in which it has been reproduced. From Temátika we bet on quality, so our pieces are made of sterling silver, bronze and brass.

So owning a replica, that is a DIFFERENT STORY !!

We cut our prices

We are manufacturers, always low prices. In Temátika we offer the best products at the best prices.

Shipping worldwide

All our bank transactions are secured with SSL encryption. We give you to choose several forms of 100% SECURE PAYMENT

100% Secure payments

We believe you will love it, but if not, give it back and we will refund your money, no problem. Our goal is to achieve your maximum satisfaction.

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