Fibula ballesta Fibula ballesta 2
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Fibula ballesta

Replica made of bronze of a late Roman fibula or crossbow brooch, based on those found in the late Roman cemetery in Lankhills, United Kingdom. It has hemisphere finials on the terminals on the top and sides, and a foot decorated with incised motifs. One side of the brooch has the VTRE FELIX wish (good luck to the user). On the other side, the inscription...
Crescent amulet Crescent amulet 2
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Crescent amulet

Replica of an amulet in the shape of a crescent moon. Mesopotamia, probably Dilbat. These gold pendants and beads exemplify the finest craftsmanship in gold from the ancient Near East, and each represents a deity or the symbol of a deity. The two female figures, wearing horned headdresses and long flounced dresses, probably represent Lama, a protective...
Chrismon Chi Rho ring Chrismon Chi Rho ring 2

Chrismon Chi Rho ring

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Chrism symbol. Anagram formed by the first two letters of the name of Christ in Greek, Chi (X) and Rho (P). It is a symbol of Christ and an emblem of victory, both military and spiritual. The original piece consists of the chaton of a ring from the late Roman period dating from the 4th century AD. and belongs to the collection of The Brithis Museum of...
Pendientes Bizancio Pendientes Bizancio 2
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Pendientes Bizancio

Replica of striking and elegant Roman earrings from the Byzantine period, the originals belong to the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto). These earrings are different in terms of their composition, their long gold-plated sterling silver hook measures 4cm and is held by two double rings that connect with the original 2cm diameter...
Byzantine necklace with ducks Byzantine necklace with ducks 2
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Replica of a byzantine necklace belonging to The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, U.S.A. Features of the original piece: Made for a middle-class woman, this necklace is composed of simple, toy-like ducks that appear to be solid gold, yet are actually stamped out of thin foil. This creates the false impression of a very costly necklace, as do the glass beads...
Gift card Gift card 2

Gift card

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Roman Lares gods Roman Lares gods 2
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Roman Lares gods

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Roman families felt a great veneration for the lares, which they represented in the form of small statues. These were placed both inside and outside the house on small altars called lararia, where offerings were made or prayed. In the house, the lararium used to be located in the atrium, as close as possible to the main door. In the case of the...

Thor's hammer pendant

Thor's hammer is undoubtedly one of the most representative pieces of Viking jewelry. This is a double ended hammer pendant with perforated subspherical terminal for suspension; the hammer is stamped on both sides with triangles containing six pellets; nine stamps on each side. The piece on which this replica is based is in the British Museum in London.

The importance of a replica

Having an authentic archaeological piece in our hands is something that could appeal to anyone, being the "owner" of an original. However, on some occasions they are the result of the illegal destruction of an Archaeological Site, and therefore, the loss of its archaeological context. We would also be taking away the others, the right to know that heritage ...

That is why at Temátika we are excited to offer in each piece a piece of history, each article contains a descriptive label with its name, description, context, original photo and material in which it has been reproduced. From Temátika we bet on quality, so our pieces are made of sterling silver, bronze and brass.

So owning a replica, that is a DIFFERENT STORY !!

We are artisan goldsmiths

We design and manufacture our replicas from start to finish in our workshop. We are artisans with a long tradition and years of experience. We invite you to see our work on our website www.tematika.es

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