Valknut Triskel Ring Valknut Triskel Ring 2

Valknut Triskel Ring

Replica of a viking ring. The original piece, made of gold with a very rare and unusual decoration, with triangular-sections to the outer side, decorated with ‘valknut’ and triskel symbols. 9th-10th Century AD Private collection. To find the size of your ring, measure the inside diameter as shown in the image. THIS RING IS HAND MADE WITH THE CHOSEN...
Broche de aves en S Broche de aves en S 2
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Broche de aves en S

Replica of a bronze S-shaped bird brooch decorated with enamels. Material: bronze Date: Migration period, Anglo saxon / Frankisch, ca. 6th century AD. Measurement: 45 x 32 mm

Huxley bracelet

Bracelet with lattice bar stamp. UNISEX. Replica of a Viking bracelet belonging to the Huxley Treasury, belonging to the collection of the National Museum of Liverpool. The Huxley hoard is a treasure of Viking jewelry dating from around 900-910 that was found buried near Huxley, Cheshire, England. It consists of 21 silver bracelets, a silver ingot, and 39...
Colgante Aegishjalmur Colgante Aegishjalmur 2

Colgante Aegishjalmur

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Aegishjalmur is a magical symbol of protection used by Vikings. Originally from Iceland, it is also known as a terror or fear spell. These types of symbols were commonly used by Viking warriors as a protective sign painted on the forehead before the battle, known as herkumbl ("war sign"). Drawn between the eyes, it was granted the ability to make the...
Thor's hammer pendant Thor's hammer pendant 2
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Thor's hammer pendant

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Thor's hammer is undoubtedly one of the most representative pieces of Viking jewelry. This is a double ended hammer pendant with perforated subspherical terminal for suspension; the hammer is stamped on both sides with triangles containing six pellets; nine stamps on each side. The piece on which this replica is based is in the British Museum in London.
Wild boar fibula Wild boar fibula 2
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Wild boar fibula

Fibula inspired by Nordic zoomorphic pieces. In Norse mythology, Hildisvíni (from Old Norse: battle boar) as reported in Hyndluljóð in the Poetic Edda was the boar of the goddess Freyja who rode when not using her cat-drawn chariot. It was also Áli's helmet that was taken by the Swedish king Adils after the battle on the frozen lake of Vänern, which ended...
Viking key Viking key 2
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Viking key

In the Viking Age keys were a symbol of power. When a woman got married, she was given the key(s) of the house by her husband. They symbolized her new status as a married woman. She proudly wore the bronze keys in full sight on her clothing. The original piece, made of bronze, belongs to the collection of the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. Replica...
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