Ashmolean Museum inventory no. AN1909.453. Gold, garnet. Mid 7th century. The central roundel is divided into concentric rings, comprised of rectangular and T-shaped cloisonné work cells. The flared arms of the cross comprise a central panel divided into four sections, bordered by rectangular cells containing garnets of a brighter red than those in the...
Colgante Aegishjalmur Colgante Aegishjalmur 2
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Colgante Aegishjalmur

Aegishjalmur is a magical symbol of protection used by Vikings. Originally from Iceland, it is also known as a terror or fear spell. These types of symbols were commonly used by Viking warriors as a protective sign painted on the forehead before the battle, known as herkumbl ("war sign"). Drawn between the eyes, it was granted the ability to make the...
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