Roman Lares gods
Roman Lares gods
Roman Lares gods
Roman Lares gods
Roman Lares gods
Roman Lares gods

Roman Lares gods

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Roman families felt great veneration for the lares, which they represented in the form of small statues, buying a lar was common for them, it was very common for each house to have at least one lar.

Roman lares gods were placed inside or outside the house, placed on altars (sg. Lararium), the lares were placed inside the Larario.The statues of domestic Lares were placed at the table during family meals; their presence, cult, and blessing seem to have been required at all important family events.

In ancient Roman houses, the larario used to be in the atrium, usually near the main door. In the case of living in an Insulae (apartment in ancient Rome), the lararium and the household gods, were placed near the kitchen, it was also common for them to be placed in the bedrooms, the lares were busiest places in the house.

This roman lar god, is perfect as a self-gift or to give as an offering so that, feels protected.

You can buy a lar and choose the model (A-B), or you can also buy the pair of lares. They're made of bronze and you can choose between natural bronze or patinated bronze (blue-green color).


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  • Bronze
  • Patinated Bronze
Choose model
  • Model A
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